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De-Risking healthcare investing

Healthcare remains a very attractive investment sector
but it carries its own unique risk factors:

Processes I Dynamics I Costs

Complex regulatory processes with extended timing dynamics and exponential costs

Changing Innovations

Rapidly changing innovations in treatment, delivery, and practice norms

Rules and Regulations

Intricate reimbursement, privacy, and intellectual property rules


We de-risk healthcare investing by applying our medical and investment expertise

We invest in healthcare and healthcare only!

We invest in 4 sectors set to transform the future of healthcare

  • Preventative testing
  • Predictive genetic testing
  • Direct Consumer testing
  • Telehealth
  • Mobile health devices/services
  • Data security
  • Information integration/portability
  • Comprehensive care management
  • Patient/Physician communication
  • Medical monitoring platforms
  • Improve the effectiveness / effectiveness
    of current treatments
  • Are less invasive
  • Enhance recovery time
  • Decrease complications

Science & Healthcare Investing

We understand the science and the regulatory process.  Two of our team members are practicing physicians with over 30 years of combined medical practice

We are supported by a vast network of physicians and healthcare executives that support our efforts from vetting through the exit of portfolio companies.

We understand the healthcare business.  Our team has over 75 years of combined business and investing experience with over 40 investments.  Members of our team have founded and exited 8 companies.  

We have an in-depth knowledge of supporting, growing, and exiting deals.


Our investment is only the beginning of the relationship.

Once we made an investment we take a hands-on,
though nonintrusive, approach to support the management team
and help grow the company.

We sit on boards offering advice on the business models, go-to-market strategies, pricing, and building teams.

We leverage our network to identify customers, qualify vendors, arrange pilots and address regulatory issues.

Early on we work with the management team to plan new financing rounds and potential exit partners.

Get in Touch

We are not just an investor.

We are a partner for each of our portfolio companies.